Resolve Dashboards not updating despite Scheduled Reporting Agent running in Confirm

Products Affected: Confirm®, Confirm® OnDemand
Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting, Agent Performance


The Confirm® Dashboards are not updating despite the Scheduled Reporting Agent running through to completion. Also the next run time on Scheduled Reports that are being used by the Dashboards are not changing and are therefore in the past. It appears as if the Task Processor is not actually processing the reports.


The Task Processor is not processing the Scheduled Reports.

Scheduled Reports being called upon by the Dashboard have also been configured with Process Backlog selected. If the Scheduled Report has no recipients and is only used by a Dashboard then the Process Backlog should not be selected.



UPDATED: March 30, 2017
Deselect the Process Backlog check box on the Scheduled Reports being called upon by the Dashboard. If you use Confirm OnPremise then restart the Confirm Task Processor service.