Resolve PQT-1102 getting incorrect value 'O' for invalid ZIP Code pieces when MailStream Plus 8.2.1 generates 14-2 Mail.dat files


Release of MailStream Plus 8.2.1 generating the current Mail.dat 14-2 files can cause PostalOne! to error on the .pqt file Field Code PQT-1102 with an error that the value 'O' is not valid.


MailStream Plus 8.2.1 generating the current Mail.dat Standards 14-2 file assigns the value 'O' to PQT-1102 for records with invalid ZIP Codes that are sorted as Single Piece using the ALG PS option position 18=Y.

The 'O' is not a valid value in the 14-2 Standards.  This is an issue that will be corrected in the next release of the software.



UPDATED: March 31, 2017
That 'O' value was valid in 14-1, but is not valid in 14-2.  There are two work-arounds.

Choice 1: Go to the REPORT MAILDAT parameter position 72 (Record Format.)  If the position is blank or the value is 'C', add/or change the value to 'P' to generate the 'P'revious Mail.dat Standards 14-1 version files.

Choice 2: Using the current Mail.dat 14-2 Standards files, manually change the Mail.dat pqt file Field Code PQT-1102 value from 'O' to '9' (Other), in any records that have an O.  This is position 33 in the PQT records.

MailStream Plus release 8.3.0 will fix this issue.  MailStream Plus 8.3.0 is expected to be released early April for testing purposes.  8.3.0 can and must be used for mailings entering the USPS starting on-after April 26 2015.