Resolve issue with report "Permit KPI -1" in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works



Report "Permit KPI #1" - Permit Response Report" filter - when Permit From date is populated then it does not return any results (Permit Date is falling well within the range) but if we remove the "Permit From" Date from the filter then we are getting the data for the Permits as expected


Problem here is that when any kind of Permit Response Notice (Refuse, Grant, Grant Variation) is created, Permit date is not getting populated in the database. This is actually the source of the issue. 


UPDATED: April 28, 2017
For Self Promoted System, The Web Service URL or Sender Organisation and Promoter Organisation should be same. In this case, the Promoter was set to Blank.

As a result, the notices were not processed and marked as 'Do not Send' by Street Works Transfer Agent.

Please set the Web Service URL of both Organisation as Same and then Run the Agent.

Street Works Agent will check if the URL of Sender and Receiver is same and will not send the Notice out. But as it is Permit Works, It sets the permit date for same Notice and mark notice as 'Exported'.

Run the report and see if it works now.