Resolve unable to Successfully Export Informal Overrun Warning Comments in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works

Operating System: Windows, Citirx

Database: Oracle, SQL Server


Unable to Successfully Export Informal Overrun Warning Comments

Informal Overrun Warning comments to Nation Grid District (AZ007) cannot be successfully exported.

FPN comments, Permit responses, and inspection outcomes can be successfully exported which indicate that web service address used is correct.


The comment was not getting exported because the Send_flag in sw_batch_recipient table in confirm database is 'X'. This happens only when Task Processor has tried to send the notice 3 times in a row and it failed due to some error. The comment will be marked as 'X' and Task Processor will not pick up this comment to export.


UPDATED: March 30, 2017

The comment is not getting transferred because send_flag in 'X' in sw_batch_recipient table. 

We need to update this value as 'P' for the Task Processor to pick up and transfer it. 

Update query would be to achieve this: 

Update sw_batch_recipient 
set send_flag = 'X' 
where batch_id = <Batch ID of Comment>

After updating this value to 'P', Task Processor will pick this up and export it.