Resolve Confirm - Street Works - Grant Permit

Product Feature: Street Works



It was found the Action Button in the Permit applications created included the Authority Action ‘Grant Permit’, and that the permit could be granted using this action. This is unexpected since the required module (3450 SWR – Permits) is not active.


Authority Permit Actions are available in following conditions:
•    For Promoter - Without having module 3450
•    For Interested Party – Without having module 3450
•    For Authority - Only if have module 3450
•    For Self Promoted (when Initiation Flag is ticked for Promoter and Authority both the organisations) – Only if have module 3450

And the reason is if you are a Promoter you can receive Grant Permit Notice even without having module 3450. But if you are an Authority than you cannot create Grant Permit Notice if you don’t have 3450 module.


UPDATED: April 18, 2017
In this case “ABCA Council Asset Management” is a promoter and it has the initiation flag ticked on Organisation screen. But “ABCA Council” has the Initiation flag unticked. And that is why Grant Permit action is available without 3450 module also. 

Ask user to tick initiation flag for “ABCA Council” also if they are creating self-promoted notice.