MapInfo Professional x64 function "Clear Map Objects" missing

Product Feature: Object Editing/Spatial Manipulation



A customer wants to delete the geometry from a feature on a layers (tables) but keep the attribute data. In recent versions there was a function for this which is missing in 12.5.3 (x64)


This feature just got missed during the development process for the 64bit version but is already addressed to get amended in patch or the next release.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
This has been already fixed in 12.5.3 patch. The function can be found under the table ribbon next to "Add New Row" an will get enabled as soon as a layer is editable and a feature is selected. 

As a workaround a MapBasic command you can be used to delete the geometry. For this please:

- Select your feature(s) in the map
- Open the MapBasic window
- Paste "Delete object from selection" (without quotation marks) and hit CTRL+Return  

If you now open a browser window for the table the attributes for this feature should be still there.