Confirm - Referential Integrity Agent errors - Error while updating entity key: '10647860001' in map. Exception: 'Error updating feature.'

Product Feature: Mapping Issue


Users experiencing variations on the following error message when running their Rerential Integrity Agent :

Errors found processing StreetWorksMapping: 
Error while updating entity key: '10647860001' in map. Exception: 'Error updating feature.'
Inner Exception: 'Error executing statement : update "AMBIR_MAPINFO.RI_NOTICES" set WORK_NUMBER=@0, START_DATE=@1, END_DATE=@2, DESCRIPTION=@3, ORGANISATION_CODE=@4, WORKS_REFERENCE=@5, ORGANISATION=@6, MI_PRINX=@7, GEOLOC=@8 where MI_Key=@Key'


This could be caused by several issues:

Issue 1:

This is bug CNB-56392.

If a text value of an attribute such as Feature Location is updated (either via Referential Integrity or on the Object Properties panel in the Map screen), and the data has a quote character in it, then the update may either fail or only set part of the data. Specifically: 

1) On Oracle Spatial if the data contains an odd number of double quote characters then the update fails. Also if the data in the Oracle Spatial layer already contains an odd number of double quotes then the update fails even where the new data does not contain double quotes. 
2) On Shapefiles and ArcSDE map layers, if the data contains a single quote on its own then any data after this point is dropped.

Issue 2:

The coordinate data against the Street Works is not right.( ie It's down as being a line but only one set of coordinates have been specified.  - If you do an Error Correction action on the Street Works and then go to the Map page and look at the Coordinate tab you'll see that the Type is down as Line when there is only one coordinate pair specified). 


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
Issue 1:

The defect has been fixed in V15, but existing data needs to have SQL written by Engineering to be run against the target map layer, and also the Confirm database.

Issue 2:

Correct the coordinate data for the data type specified.