Understanding the Street Works 'No Seed Numbers defined for Work Group (XXXX) for Organisation (YYYY)' in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®



When creating street works notices this error is displayed
  "No Seed Numbers defined for Work Group (XXXX) for Organisation (YYYY)."
Where the X's represent the work group code and Y's represent the Organisation code.

This can occur on incoming or outgoing notices.  For incoming notices it is appended to the xml in the file in the 'Invalid' folder.


For outgoing notices:
This is caused by the identified organisation not being present in the list of Organisations designated for this Work Group, or it not having the seed numbers defined.

For incoming notices:
The sending organisation (listed in the error message) is configured as a notice initiator in the Organisation 'Additional' tab. This should not be ticked any organisation that does not belong to the system owner.


UPDATED: June 13, 2018
For outgoing notices:
  • Go to System Administration > Security > Work groups from the Confirm explorer.
  • Open the Work Group identified in the error message. 
  • Click on the 'Organisations' tab and check to see if the identified organisation is present.
  • If it is present then click on the Detail button and check that seed numbers are present and the current value has not reached the maximum for the current range.
  • If the organisation is not present then it needs to be added to this list using the 'Detail' button and then the 'New' icon, then set up the relevant seed numbers.

For incoming notices:
  • Check the sending organisation configuration. Untick the 'Notice Initiation' check box on the Additional tab. Reprocess the notices using the notice reprocessor.