How to resolve Error Code 45 message from Mailsort dll with Output Manager


The following error was reported when processing a job with Output Enhance scripts which were using Mailsort and Cleanmail:

MailStUK error 45 : unable to load Apak dll

MailSTUK error 45


The issue is caused by incorrect configuration and inconsistency in the dll file being used (old and new).

The V:\PAF5  contained and out of date version of the CBLRTSS.dll which did not have routine _mFerr3. This is important because the path for the CleanMail dll is set in the Cleanmail.txt file by the CLEANMAILP=V:\PAF5.

Before we invoke third party library we set the path specified using CLEANMAIL_P in the environment variable PATH. This has the effect that if a DLL is loaded without specifying the path, the DLL is searched in different folders according to DLL search order defined by Microsoft which includes paths in environment variable PATH. So, we are picking the incorrect DLL which is causing the problem

To fix it please check version of files in folder from mailsort option file path CLEANMAIL_P and MAILSORT_SOFTWARE_DI, especially  file CBLRTSS.DLL.


UPDATED: March 31, 2017

Issue was resolved in ERS: 87513 / SFDC: 03304115

To resolve this issue, you need to check the configuration of cleanmail and mailsort.
To do that you need to check versionn files in folder from mailsort option file path CLEANMAIL_P and MAILSORT_SOFTWARE_DI. If one folder will have newer file version then other, please replace the old one with new one but back up the old one just in case. Check especially file CBLRTSS.DLL.

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