Address does not match in Finalist or CODE-1 Plus but exists on

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist


There are times when Finalist or CODE-1 Plus will not find a match to an address or will incorrectly change a street name or suffix in order to get a match. However, the address matches on the lookup tool.


If you get a valid match for an address on the website, but Finalist or CODE-1 Plus is unable to make a match or changes the street name or suffix in order to get a match, it typically indicates that the address has been newly added to the US Postal database (City/ZIP+4 file).


UPDATED: June 5, 2019
When a change has been made or a new street name/house number is added to the US Postal database (City/ZIP+4 file), the site will return the new information in their lookup tool.  Because they update their data regularly and we receive the data monthly, it will usually take between 30-60 days for the change to take place in the data that Pitney Bowes receives.  For instance, if the April database is installed and an address was added or changed on April 2nd, that addition/change normally will be in the May database that you receive from Pitney Bowes.  If the addition/change was made on April 30th, you should see the addition/change in the June database.