Resolving Portrait Dialogue Exceptions "No transaction is active" and "Username not defined in call"


Transferring existing instance to a newly created application server and setting up the instance to use the new database server produced the exception in Portrait Dialogue logs:

Exception: No transaction is active


Username: Username not defined in call

Exceptiontype: EOleException

Unit: Data.Win.ADODB.pas

Procedure: Data.Win.ADODB.TADOConnection.DoConnect



This happens when DCOM settings are not reconfigured when there were made changes to instances.

Scenario 1) 
SQL Server/DTC ping uses the server name/Netbios name instead of Fully Qualified Domain Name. 
In HOSTS and LMHOST.sam files, the Fully Qualified Domain Name is normally configured. 
This is due to cross domain connection from open stack PD server to traditional DB server.


UPDATED: March 21, 2018
There are steps in the MTS and DCOM setup documentation, which need to be followed.
The Windows Domain user rights and permissions also need to be checked.

Scenario 1) 
Changing the HOSTS and LMHOSTs file, PD server should start connecting with the Database again