Resolve bad output when Local print used in PI Office Mail


Customer tried to print a simple word document and use the ”Local print” option,  Output looks bad, see attached. 

This is output file using Adobe PDF printer
User-added image


The workflow here seems to be print from Word to PDF (our OFMA Printer Driver) then print from PDF to PDF (Adobe Printer Driver).

This last transformation is always problematic especially if fonts are not properly embedded.

Even if they are the resultant PDF may look the same but may be constructed completely differently to the original PDF.


UPDATED: November 20, 2017
Please check the following on the ADOBE PDF Printer.
  1. Right Click on Printer
  2. Select Printer Properties
  3. Select Advanced Tab
  4. Select Printing Defaults Button
  5. Select Adobe PDF Settings
  6. Ensure that the option "Rely on System font only: do not use document fonts" is unchecked.

We advise to use User Website to view submitted documents as PDFs.
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Product Feature: General