Resolve Portrait Dialogue "Error occurred when trying to connect to 'MHDialogServer.MHSystemAPI@DIALOGSERVER' : Access is denied."



Normally, when Portrait Dialogue (PD) is set up correctly and the user has the right permissions, Visual Dialogue will start without problems. If there is a problem, the following error is sometimes seen:

   Error occurred when trying to connect to 'MHDialogServer.MHSystemAPI@DIALOGSERVER' : Access is denied.


This error typically occurs when the client computer is able to communicate with the Dialogue Server, but the Windows user account does not have the correct permissions to access to the Dialogue Server's COM+ components.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017
If this error appears, please check the following:
(Full details of how to work through these suggestions is documented in en_pd_mts_dcom_setup.pdf which is available on the installation media.)

1) Is the user account correctly set up to allow Distributed COM Access to the Dialogue Server?
User-added image

2) Has the Windows account been added to a local group called Distributed COM Users directly or via another domain group’s membership?
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3) If the computer is not on the same domain as the Dialogue Server, there are some additional steps found in the above document in order to connect to the Dialogue Server.
The error itself is also discussed in en_pd_client_installation_guide.pdf.