Resolve mixture of OLD and NEW uplifted SOR rates on jobs and payment requests in Confirm

Product Feature: Non-routine Maintenance



Client is encountering a mixture of old and new uplifted rates being used for SOR items on jobs and payment requests.


This only applies to Banded SOR Items and is expected Confirm behaviour.

This is how confirm works:

An order job is raised with banded SOR items at an original set of rates. This gets sent to the contractor.

You might then apply a rate uplift to your various SOR items so the rate changes to a NEW rate.

If the contractor sends back a payment request with values and quantities different to the original order the following rules apply:

If the quantity and value has changed on a banded SOR item in such a way that the quantity and value changes to a different band, then Confirm will use the NEW UPLIFTED rate.

If the quantity and value on the payment request does not change the SOR band, then confirm will use the OLD ORIGINAL rate.

These rules are applied per SOR banded item on the payment request so it would be possible to see SOR items that have a mixture of old and new rates.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
No resolution required - Confirm behaving as designed.