Resolve large numbers of jobs in QA Review that are stuck at status “Awaiting Release” in PI Officemail


On OfficeMail User site, customer can see a number of jobs in QA Review that are stuck at status “Awaiting Release”.

Some of these jobs are dating back a year or two and seem to be corrupt.


This issue occurs when  JobStatusID = 5   (awaiting release) in Job table.


UPDATED: November 20, 2017
Officemail DB needs to be updated to change the job status manually.
Customer would need to obtain the list of affected jobs. The query below gets the list of JobIDs:.
 (JobStatusID = 5  = awaiting release)
use PIOfficeMail
select * from Job where JobStatusID = 5 order by ReceivedDate

then  the job status needs to be changed  to deleted (8) for the affected jobs or you can set the status to QA rejected (11). You can use this script to change it:

USE PIOfficeMail
update Job
set JobStatusID = 8 where JobID IN (

List of jobIDs can be found in the select statement Please check which old jobs need status changed and put them in the script accordingly.

Environment Details
Product Feature: General