Resolve the Confirm application appearing when opened via Citrix although the Confirm icon is on the task bar

Products affected: Confirm® OnDemand, Confirm®


Confirm® is being used over Citrix, such as in the Confirm OnDemand environment, and Confirm appears to launch but is not shown.  This normally happens when you are using a single monitor.


Citrix does not automatically maximise the Confirm application.

If the user has switched from multiple monitors to a single one Citrix 'remembers' the second screen and opens Confirm in that even though Windows shows there is only one monitor.

This can happen is a user has a laptop which is frequently connected to different monitors in different configurations.


UPDATED: February 27, 2019

Resolution 1

If the Confirm icon shows in the laptop's task bar launch Confirm again so there are two icons.  Hover over them so you can see both thumbnails and right click to see the pop-up window.  Select Restore or Move to show the application on the laptop screen.

You may also be able to do this if there is only one Confirm icon in the task bar.  Hover over the icon and if the thumbnail appears click maximise.

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Resolution 2
If the user has two monitors they should drag Confirm on to the main screen/primary display before they close the application down. Confirm should then open on the main screen/primary display if they now only have that one as their physical monitor.

  • Return to a two-monitor terminal.
  • Launch Confirm.
  • Drag the Confirm window back onto the main screen/primary display.
  • Exit from Confirm.
  • Return to the one-monitor terminal

Resolution 3

This approach does not always work but is worth trying if the resolutions 1 and 2 do not.

Open Task Manager and expand the Citrix icon.  Right click on the Confirm icon and chose Maximize, Bring to Front or Switch to.

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Resolution 4
  • If you are on a laptop, and you have additional screens connected, unplug the extra screen. All applications will move to your laptop screen.
  • If you are using a docking station, unplug your laptop from the docking station. All applications will move to your laptop screen, but this may also disconnect you from the network.
  • Either way, you should be able to reconnect the screens, or docking station, and the Confirm application will be on a normal screen.