Login page of Web Application not getting displayed in Content Author

Product Feature: Content Author Client


Content Author (CA) can be used to create and publish marketing messages. CA web application is deployed on Internet Information Services (IIS) as an application server.
On launching Content Author Web URL:  http://localhost/CCMContentAuthor/  "Page cannot be displayed"  error is observed on Internet Explorer.
This is first time Installation and Content Author is configured as shown:

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The issue is due to IIS configuration not set properly.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
Ensure all steps are followed in sequence and then try to restart IIS and launch CCM Content Author URL again. Ensure to close existing IE and open new instance.

1.Check permission at IIS folder. Go to Start->Run-> type "inetmgr".

This would open IIS configuration window. Go to directory CCMContentAuthor and check permission for the user. Provide sufficient permissions and privileges.

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2. Check if all Web service extensions are enabled. If not enable all Web Service Extension.

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3.Check if ASP.NET service is running under service console.

If the issue is still unresolved, contact technical support for further assistance.