Resolve NA-Batch job intermittently fails with large data file in EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)
Operating System: Linux


NA-Batch job intermittently fails with large data file of about 7 million XML lines.  The server also shares its processing with non-EngageOne applications so the availability of the server resources is not consistent depending on the load. The same data files are used repeatedly during testing and sometimes work (especially after a system restart) and at other times they fail (usually after several repeated runs).  There are no related errors in the systemout or systemerr logs at the time of the run.

Current configuration is dual CPU and 2GB Memory.


The EngageOne Installation Guide recommended that the CPU is 2 quad core processors and 32 GB memory.  It appears that the total memory and swap space / cache doesn't come close to the recommendations.  Even increasing the virtual machine memory is going to be problematic as there may not be enough memory to go around.


UPDATED: August 1, 2017
Increasing the computer hardware to meet the EngageOne requirements resolved the issue.