Resolve issue where "qsjoin -match" fails to flag some matched records in Spectrum/Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Data Build Utilities


After running the qsjoin Data Build Command (DBC) with the '-match' option, some matched records are not flagged in the output focus.  The number of "1"s in the match field is not the same as the number of matches reported in the command output.


This issue has been seen to occur when the foci being joined contain only a single field, i.e the key field.


UPDATED: August 1, 2017
Derive a new field in the foci to be joined, this new field can simply contain the value 1.  For example to do this with the qsderive DBC, use derivation text such as:

   create FlagField := 1;

If deriving the field interactively in Decision Studio, ensure the focus is saved before performing the join.