Confirm Connect - Resolve Confirm Connect proving overly sensitive when opening the map on new android device

Product Feature: ConfirmConnect - Installation/Upgrade



Confirm Connect™ proving overly sensitive when opening the map on new Android devices.



It is caused by an update to android which caused web interfaces to be more sensitive to touch move events, this has an impact to ConfirmConnect particularly on the map as a light touch can trigger a move event which makes using the map quite hard. 
This should only impact later Android versions but we aren't sure exactly which build it was introduced, we believe it is a last Kitkat version.
It will only affect certain models as a result, since not all models will be running the affected Android OS.


UPDATED: October 2, 2017
We have now updated the .apk file and release notes on the external server so that the following URLs will now report version

The only change to this is with the Android file, iOS and Windows will still report This is intentional.