Confirm - Map Error: You do not have access to Map (Classic)

Product Feature: Mapping

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated


Since the customer implemented a Confirm™ upgrade the mapping functionality has stopped working. When clicking on the globe icon to lauch mapping the user receives the attached message. Other colleagues on the same domain can access mapping successfully.


The customer's recent upgrade was highly likely to have incorporated an update from Map (Classic) to MapXtreme. It is likely that the user has not specified, within Confirm, that he/she wishes to launch MapXtreme and therefore must do so, as per the following resolution.


UPDATED: October 2, 2017
From the window from which you wish to launch mapping, instead of a left-click upon the 'globe' icon it is necessary to right-click instead. A shortcut menu should then appear offering the user the option to switch between mapping engines. The user will need to select 'Map'.

If the user cannot access this shortcut menu upon right-clicking or the 'Map' option is present thereon, the following settings will need to be verified and possibly changed:

1) System Administration -> [System Configuration | All System Local Settings] -> Local Settings

From the list on the left-hand side highlight 'Mapping' and ensure the CurrentEngine field contains the text 'Map'.

See attached screenshot Map_Settings.jpg

2) System Administration -> Security -> User Security

From the tree on the left-hand side expand 'Asset Register'. Below this ensure that the 'View' checkbox is checked for the row 'Can Change Mapping Engine (Security)'.

See attached screenshot Map_Settings.jpg