Resolve error "Outbound STID not Found 260 (###) at record number 000000001" in MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


The MailStream Plus™ job was using the Service Type IDentifier (STID) of 260, but MailStream Plus said it was invalid for the mailing.


The mailing was expected to be a First-Class Full Service letter mailing, so 260 would be a valid value. But the ML TYP parameter had a '3' for a Standard Mail class mailing, which 260 is not valid for.


UPDATED: March 14, 2019
The job must use a correct STID for the class of mailing being done.  

The USPS has a table of STIDs for each class of mail, at the-
site.  Then search for, for example, "IMb STIDs"