Resolve possible issues on IBMi (AS400) with locked libraries causing a problem installing new software or installing new software versions. (And other related information.)

Operating System: IBMi,  (AS400)


Libraries affected by an installation must not be locked.

Many of the Pitney Bowes Software applications on IBMi (AS400) are installed per the IBMi Installation Instructions which are available on the web site.

There are two installation chapters.  Chapter 1 contains the instructions for installing:
Canadian CODE-1 Plus
CODE-1 Plus
CODE-1 Plus International
Generalized Selection Plus
Geographic Coding Plus
List Conversion Plus
MAIL360 Manager
MailStream Plus
Merge/Purge Plus

Chapter 2 contains general install instructions for all other products.  (Which generally are old legacy products that have not been rebuilt so-as to use the newer chapter 1 installation process.)


The libraries that are involved with an installation must not be locked, because during the installation process these libraries need to be renamed, and files moved around, etc.  Generally these are the G1@@PGMS and G1xxPGMS (where xx is the 2-byte product code for an application) libraries.  


UPDATED: August 14, 2017
If using the Chapter 1 install script, it checks for locks on the libraries involved, and will pause the installation if any are detected.  In that case you can use the command-
to find out who or what has the library(s) locked, and take action to unlock it before continuing the installation.

If using the older method in Chapter 2 and if for any reason the installation procedure fails, you may cancel the install, restore your previously-made backups for G1@@PGMS and G1xxPGMS or their equivalents, check for object locks or other abnormalities, and try the install again.  If you do not have any backups, or if you have any questions, please call Technical Support.  Do NOT attempt to reinstall the software without restoring backups; doing so may cause problems with other Pitney Bowes Software products. Immediately contact Technical Support at 800-367-6950 to obtain further instructions.