Resolve issues caused by PI OfficeMail change of IP address


Doc/mailpiece missing from the generated bundle (BSV and TKT files)


Changed of OFMA Servers IP address will cause following:
- change in return IP address in the TKT, where Bundler Service will discards MT files as they are not meant for it and if the TKT contains an invalid IP, it will unable to return the item, as Bundler Scan can only talk to ONE Admin Service

Bundler Service can only have one return IP address in the TKT, if there are more,  then the bundle cannot be reported to Admin Service, which will cause Bundler Service to stop processing more items until the issue is resolved manually by removing the offending file from SFTP out


UPDATED: March 24, 2017
User must avoid change of IP address.
If this is unavoidable, user would need to take following steps:
- before we restart all services with new IP address, user need to stop the UWS's IIS (to prevent new jobs coming in)
- release all existing bundles, let all complete first
- then start the UWS's IIS and then OFMA system is ready to operation with the new IP address
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