Confirm: Resolve Troubleshooting map labels not behaving as expected in Confirm

Product Feature: Confirm™ mapping


Map labels not displaying as expected in the Confirm Map Viewer.


There could be a multitude of actual causes to the problem, such as including individual layers being faulty.


UPDATED: October 12, 2017
Try turning off the visibility of all other layers in this Workspace and see if the Labels then re-appear for the layers that you can’t see. In other words, check if you can see any information when only the Label layers are visible. If this does work then proceed to make every other layer visible, in turn, and find out what layer is causing labelling to disappear.

If the layers do not reappear when you try the method above, try creating a brand new Workspace. This new Workspace should first only contain the map layers that are to have labels and then add in the labelling to see if it works and you can see the expected information. If this does in fact work it would point to something being wrong with the Workspace, like data corruption of some sort. If you then add in all other layers from your original example and everything still works and displays as expected you can use this new Workspace.