Resolve issue with Jobs and Order Job status out of sync



In the following two situations the Archive Jobs utility can leave Jobs partially archived. 

1) Once it has encountered one Committed Job it cannot archive (e.g. Job with an outstanding Payment Request) it will not set any subsequent Committed Jobs to Archived. However the Order Jobs and Order Items relating to those subsequent Jobs are set to Archived.

2) An Order Header will not be set to Archived if other Jobs exist on an Order with the same Order Number but on a different Contract.


This has been identified as a software defect. 


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
The defect has been fixed in Confirm Version V15.

There is also the following workaround to fix the issue :

There are 2 sql statements below, the first is a select statement that will list the jobs where there appears to be an issue. You should check each job to make sure that there is indeed an problem, with it being out of sync with the order.

Once you are happy you will need to make a backup of your DB (in case of a problem) then run the second set of SQL which includes 3 update statements.

==== SQL to select the out of sync records =====

SELECT * FROM order_job, job
 job.job_number = order_job.job_number and 
 job.job_status_flag <> order_job.job_status_flag; 

==== Each Job needs to be checked to make sure that they ARE out of sync, then run the following after checking with Confirm Technical Support ===

Please contact PB Tech Support for the UPDATE SQL.