Resolve issue where Dashboards are not showing full data results when user security details are changed for the logged in user in Confirm

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting



The user is unable to see and drill into the data results of a dashboard widget when they change the security settings on their user id.


This is caused by the data security key that has been assigned to the dashboard widget not being available to the user's work and and data security group.


UPDATED: June 28, 2017
Open the Dashboard Widgets screen from the Confirm Explorer > Reporting > Reporting Lookups > Dashboard Widgets.

Select the relevant dashboard widget that has the problem, check the Data Key field. Make a note of this value.

Open the User Security screen and check the Data Security Group and Data Security Key specified for the relevant user having the issue.

Now open the Data Security Group screen and check that the Data Security Key assigned to the dashboard widget is available to the Users data security key. Add the data security key to the Data Security Group as required.