Doc1 V5\V6\EngageOne - Differences in bulleting functionality

Product Feature: Printing-General Output

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated


Bulleted lists appear differently when using the bullet functionality, and the paragraph formatting options.

When using the bulleted list option, the text appears like so:
User-added image
When using the paragraph formatting option, the text appears like so:
User-added image


The two processes use a different mechanism for formatting, resulting in the differences in appearance.


UPDATED: April 6, 2017
Using bullet functionality:
User-added image
Check the paragraph properties, you will see that a hanging indent has been set:
User-added image
Select paragraph\right click\Numbering-Bullets option,
User-added image
Bullets and text will appear so:
User-added image
Go to the paragraph dialog, and from the "special" menu, select "hanging", and alter this value so all lines of text start at the same position
User-added image
This will then match the display achieved with the bulleting functionality