Resolve issue where features are failing to display on Map and coming up as Unmapped Features in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping Issue



When using the map or globe button from the feature screen the map opens but the feature is not shown and it is shown in the unmapped feature window.


This could be caused by several things:

Scenario 1. The layer that the feature group refers to is not visible in the map window.

Scenario 2. The Referential Integrity Agent has not tried to plot the feature so it does not exist on the map layer.

Scenario 3. The Referential Integrity Agent has tried to map the feature but has encountered an error.

Scenario 4. The map layer does not meet the map layer specifications as per the Map Layer Specifications page in the help file.


UPDATED: June 29, 2017
Scenario 1: Add the relevant map layer to the map viewer and retry.

Scenario 2: Check the entity_modify table for the relevant feature using the following SQL as a datasource and qualified using the asset number and site number, or central_asset_id.

SELECT     entity_modify.entity_type, entity_modify.entity_key, feature.central_asset_id, feature.feature_location, 
                      feature.site_code, feature.feature_id, feature_type.feature_type_name, feature_type.feature_type_code, 
                      feature_group.feature_group_name, feature_group.feature_group_code
FROM         entity_modify INNER JOIN
                      feature ON entity_modify.entity_key = feature.feature_key INNER JOIN
                      feature_type ON feature.feature_type_code = feature_type.feature_type_code INNER JOIN
                      feature_group ON feature_type.feature_group_code = feature_group.feature_group_code

If the feature is not listed in the results for the above then the referential integrity agent has NOT tried AND FAILED to map the feature.

You can now force the Referential Integrity Agent to try and map the feature by changing the data in a data field transferred by the agent and saving the changes in the feature screen. (eg adding a full stop to the location description, saving it and then removing it and saving it again). Now rerun the above SQL to see if the feature is listed. Finally run the Referential intrgrity Agent and check after it completes if the feature is now displayed on the map.

Scenario 3: 

Check the entity_modify table for the feature using the SQL above, if it is listed then the Referential Integrity Agent has tried and failed to map the feature.

Check the Task Processor logs for the error message for the entity key that is returned for the feature in the SQL above and action accordingly.

Scenario 4 :

Check the map layer contains at least the 'central_asset_id' or 'asset_id' fields in the correct format as per the Map Layer Specifications page of the help file. Correct the map layer file as required.