Projection of raster image - image not being correctly rotated - MapXtreme® .NET


When opening a specific raster image in MapXtreme then it is not being displayed properly. It seems that the image is not rotated according to the coordinate system. This issue occurs when:

- Open the workspace manager 
- Activate the Raster Reprojection 
- Set the Reprojection Method to Always 
- Open the test file TEST01.TAB (the image is shown as in an image viewer, it is not rotated - see dgroundfloor.png) 
- Change the coordinate system of the map to any other system (e.g. Sinusiodal NAD27) 
- Change the coordinate system back to the original one (Popular Visualization CRS [EPSG: 3857]) 
- Now the image is shown correctly, it is rotated 


Bug with Raster Re-projection


UPDATED: June 7, 2017

Logged as bug MXT-7015 which is fixed in MapXtreme .NET v8.1


i) The problem is occurring when Tab file is being opened in the workspace (mws) file for the first time. However if the workspace (mws) file is saved on the disc and re-opened again then it is displayed correctly.

ii) If the workspace (mws) file is empty, then if we change the coordSys of the workspace (mws) file in Workspace Manager to (Popular Visualization CRS [EPSG: 3857]) and the open the attached file, then it is displayed correctly

Environment Details

Products affected: MapXtreme .NET 7.3 and earlier



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