Resolve address not matching to the User Aux File in GeoTax


An address exists in the User Aux File in Geotax® but is not being matched so the geocode being returned for the address is incorrect.


The information in the user auxiliary file has the street name as XXX. Secondary info like this is not used by GeoTAX for matching so it is removed from the input, which causes the record to not match.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Matching to the User Aux file is a byte for byte match so if the information is entered on the AUX file as OLD US HWY 212, for example, it will not match OLD US HIGHWAY 212. If the LOT # is included in the input, and the street name spelt the same as on the AUX file (OLD US HWY 212), the record will match (it ignores the Lot 3) and return the key on the AUX file.

Environment Details

Products affected: GeoTax®
Product Feature: General


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