EngageOne® Deliver e-mail error "String index out of range: -5”

Product affected: EngageOne® Deliver
Product Version: 1.4M4 
Operating System: Windows 2003
Configuration: JBoss


EngageOne® Deliver displays error “String index out of range: -5”.


EngageOne® Deliver will display a “String index out of range: -5” error when the email contains images with names that are too long.

The EngageOne® Deliver console reports error message "9" and messages with routing error Include the HTML, the Journal and the images.
Changing the healthcare image name from “grn_health_logoa-300rgb.jpg” to “grn_hc_logoa-300rgb.jpg” resolves the error.

This is tested on EngageOne® Deliver version 1.4M4 using JBOSS 5.1.0.GA under Windows Server 64bit.

 The error is shown below:

ERROR [pool-17-thread-1] AbstractMessageProcessor.processSingleMessage(516) | Unexpected Exception, String index out of range: -5, Cause: null com.g1.emessaging.outbound.OutboundProcessException: String index out of range: -5 at 


UPDATED: May 2, 2019
Engineering has concluded that EngageOne® Deliver is erroring due to an image tag based on the text string "alt", which is a keyword, being found in the string for the image name.
In this example, the image name is "GRN_health_logoA.jpg" and it contains the text string "alt" inside "GRN_health_logoA.jpg".
Because of this, EngageOne® Deliver errors while processing the image in an .html file . 

Engineering states there is no issue with the length of the image name, but rather with the presence of the text string "alt" being found in an image name and suggests editing the image name and avoiding the text string "alt" if possible. 

Engineering will work to resolve this issue in the next release cycle.