Resolve EngageOne E-messaging being unable to monitor an email inbox and an email inbox folder


A customer's inbound email server have been filtering EngageOne™ E-messaging bounce backs as spam and throwing emails into the "Junk" folder. This means the bounce backs are not processed by E-messaging, unless the messages are moved to the inbox from the Junk folder.


No, it is not possible for EngageOne E-messaging to look for bounce backs on both the inbox and an inbox folder of the Inbound Email Server. E-messaging only checks for bounce backs on the email account specified in the Inbound Profile. As such E-messaging only supports monitoring the email inbox of the Inbound Email Server. Each Inbound Profile hooks onto one inbox.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
This issue cannot be resolved in EngageOne E-messaging but it may be possible to configure email rules so the emails either do not go in the Junk folder or, if they are in there, they are moved out.