Resolve why my presort only receiving Nonautomation rates in the MailStream Plus job


The presort is only receiving Nonautomation rates in the MailStream Plus (MSP) job.


One reason is when viewing the msrprpt (jobname.rpt or prntrpt) report, all of the records are Non-ZIP+4 Records  :
Name/Address Records Read, File IN          34,413
Name/Address Records Processed              34,413         100.00 % OF INPUT
Records Marked as Invalid                        0           0.00 % OF PROCESSED
Records With Valid ZIP Code                 34,413         100.00 % OF PROCESSED
Total Records Accepted and Forward          34,413         100.00 % OF PROCESSED
ZIP+4 Coded Records                              0              0 % OF FORWARD
Non-ZIP+4 Records                           34,413        100.00  % OF FORWARD

Because this job does not have the Plus-4 and/or Delivery Point Code(DPC) to create this part of the barcode the records will receive NonAutomation rates.


UPDATED: April 20, 2017
To research why this is happening, find the ZIP IN parameter:
ZIP IN 163 C 168 C 174       172 C         P 2

Locate these positions:
14-16 Location of the Input ZIP + 4 Add-on  - example above has 168
30-32 Location of the Input DPC                  - example above has 172
Then find the MSP input file – DD MSSTIN and find these locations.
If the value in either location is blank or has non-numeric values then this would explain why the records are Non-ZIP+4 Records.

Make sure the correct input file is being presented as the input file to MailStream Plus
Verify where the Input ZIP + 4 Add-on  and the Input DPC values are being posted to in the Finalist or Code 1 Plus steps. 
Then change to the correct input file or correct the location of the Input ZIP + 4 Add-on  and the Input DPC values.