Multiple e2loaderds


Multiple Vault instances pointing to the same data files presents a risk of data corruption if more than one e2loader is active


On the call today it came up that a client is planning to run Vault in production configured in such a manner that two separate instances of Vault will be pointing to the same set of datafiles. Under such a configuration it is extremely important to make sure that these two instances are not writing to the index at the same time.


UPDATED: October 18, 2017

To be completely safe, disable all e2loaderd instances except for the one that will be used to load the files.

If e2loaderd instances write to the index at the same time, it can corrupt the index.  e2loaderd only writes to the index when it is indexing a file.  So in theory you could leave multiple e2loaderds running, and so long as you only load from one of them, or never load to both of them at the same time it should be fine.  However, given the consequences of a corrupt index, it is best practices to disable all but one so that there is no way that data can be loaded simulateneously from two or more e2loaderd instances.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Loader

Operating System: AIX

Database: Not stated

Configuration: WebSphere


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