Resolve issue when the Web license fails to activate the product MapXtreme .NET


The Web license file generated for MapXtreme® fails to license the product. Typical symptoms are that you will see COM+ errors in the log file and when trying to access your web application.


This could be due to two reasons:

1) If there is more than one Hardware ID in the MILicenseNodeID.txt file (generated by running the MILicenseNodeID.exe file), then a web license key needs to be generated for each Hardware ID. Each license must be uniquely named e.g.  MapXtremeWeb.lic. MapXtremeWeb1.lic, MapXtremeWeb2.lic

These must all be placed on the server.

2) MapXtreme is detecting more CPU's than the number of CPU's that the license has been generated for. As CPU's have become more advanced MapXtreme is unable to detect the number of cores for each CPU when the MILicenseNodeID.exe file is run. This means that the number of CPU's in the MILicenseNodeID.txt is lower than the number that the MapXtreme Licensing service can detect.



UPDATED: August 10, 2017

1) Request and generate a web license for each Hardware ID in the MILicenseNodeID.txt file, uniquely name them and place on the server.

2) You will need to multiply the number of CPU's on the server by the number of cores that each CPU has e.g.

One quad core cpu will be seen as 4 CPU's.
Two octal core cpus will be seen as 16 CPU's.

This is the number of CPU's that must be requested on the MapXtreme license request form.

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Product Feature: License Activation Issues



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