Converting from C1P to GeoTax Premium


Questions raised regarding conversion from an existing Code1 interactive to GTX premium  interactive and what callables should be used to replace C1MATCHI & C1CTYLKP. 

1. We use C1MATCHI, which uses, P9IN (input area), P9OUT (output area), P9AUDIT).  Is there any way, we could still use the same function in Code1 4.0 runtime environment?  Our current program is linked with libraries of both Code 1 (4.0) and Geotax (6.1.4), now moving to 7.1.  Please note that: We have both code 1 Plus 4.0 and GeoTax 7.1 installed on our solaris V11.  Our goal is to transition from HP to Solaris 11 without any significant code changes.

2. GTMATCH in GeoTax 7.1 is changed MCA, MIA, MOA, with some new fields, some modified fields and some removed fields.  How would we handle removed fields and modified fields?  e.g. these fields are removed but our program is still using them: MCA-BCN ('N'), MCA-BMN ('N'), MCA-BPN ('N"), MCA-ZLL ('Z').  MCA-ZLL is used with "Z" meaning (Return ZIP Code centroid, if available, when a 5-digit match exists).  So, how do we handle situation like this?  e.g. MOA-GRC is modified, which we currently use:

3. If answer to question 1 is NO, then big question is how we call GTMATCH with P9IN, P9OUT and P9AUDIT parameters?


Converting from an existing Code1 interactive process to a GTX Premium  interactive process and what callable should be used to replace C1MATCHI & C1CTYLKP. 


UPDATED: April 20, 2017

1) If you have C1P, you should still be able to call C1MATCHI if so desired. 

2) Those first 3 removed fields (MCA-BCN, MCA-BMN & MCA-BGC) are no longer needed and enabled the program to eliminate unnecessary processing, but since that processing has changed, it is no longer applicable. You can remove those variables from your calling program since they do not need to be passed to GeoTAX. MCA-ZLL can be removed also, since GeoTAX will return the best available centroid from the given input. More values have been added as possible returns for the MOA-GRC output variable. Those new values should be reviewed and modifications made to your program as your business rules would dictate. 

In general, if an input variable is no longer there, it is no longer needed and can be removed from the calling program. New input variables will have default values that will be in effect if a value is not specified. Obviously, new output variables are not required to be utilized, but should be reviewed to see if they would be useful for your specific business purpose. 

3) It is not possible to call GTMATCH with those parameters, but you can still call C1P if you wish. 

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