Resolve 'Error 005' in Paramics


While trying to run Paramics suite, 'Error code: 005' is encountered.

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This error occurs due to the expiry of either of following.
  • Paramics license
  • Support and Maintenance contract


UPDATED: November 17, 2017

Follow these steps:
  • Login to the customer area, download the the latest license file and replace it with the existing one at following path in the Paramics installation machine:
- Windows Start Menu -> All Programs -> Paramics Support -> Data Directory
  • If this does not work, contact PB support to check the current status of the 'User account' in PAILS, whether the 'support and maintenance' for the particular 'User Account' is still active or not. In case the license has expired or 'support and maintenance' is not active, forward the request to 'Kristen Dorce Joyce' who takes care of all the Paramics license renewals and sales queries. Also include 'Kevin Malone' in the communication.
PS: If the PAILS website or customer support portal is not up, directly contact 'Kristen Dorce Joyce' ( to check the current status of the 'User Account' and request for the updated license file.

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