Resolve issue where Users Cannot Zoom with .png Files on ConfirmConnect

Product Feature: ConfirmConnect - Jobs


An issue has been highlighted with .png files opening from confirm. For PDFs (for example of maps and drawings attached to the job) it is possible to zoom in and out and therefore they are fully usable on a small screen. 

For images saved in the .png format these display on ConfirmConnect as miniature pictures (see CC_min_pic.png). However when you open the file in Confirm it sizes it to the screen without the ability to zoom in or out (Confirm_pic.png). In the fixed view in ConfirmConnect the drawing cannot be zoomed in or out of. Using the device's native functionality, it can. 


Pinch zoom for .png files is not supported at the present time as it is not something that is native inside the app.


UPDATED: October 10, 2017
We would advise raising this issue on the Ideas Portal.