Resolve incorrect charges and charges being missed for PAA/Major permits in Confirm®

Product Feature: Street Works



Confirm® PAA/Major permits -  incorrect charges and charges being missed.


This relates to a software defect we fixed in 2012 in Confirm V11 

You will see the following section within the Permit Regulations: 

Section 30(1)(a & b) of the Permit Regulations - 

30.—(1) Subject to regulations 31 and 32, a Permit Authority may charge a fee in respect of each of the following— 
(a)the issue of a permit; 
(b)an application for a permit, where the permit scheme requires a provisional advance authorisation (PAA) to be obtained as part of that application; and 
(c)each occasion on which there is a variation of a permit or the conditions attached to a permit. 

Our reading of the above is that you have to pay when you apply for the Permit for work that would require a PAA.

The Statement Batch utility therefore picks up a Permit Application Major and charges a PAA rate, it is not related to Grant PAA as the above states you should always charge for a PAA regardless.

For other types of Applications the Statement Batch picks up the Grant Permit / Variation Notices and charges the appropriate amount. This is documented in the Help on the Statement Batch page.


UPDATED: November 23, 2017
As there is no workaround - you will need to upgrade to benefit from this fix