Resolve use of overlays in E2 Vault


Overlay in document ingested into Vault is not displaying correctly in the rendered document


When any print file is loaded into Vault (that includes overlays), any embedded resources are stripped out, so unless Vault has access to the fonts and images referenced by the document (including overlays) results will be inconsistent


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
You should ensure that the resource set specified in the Vault profile contains all the fonts and images that are used by the document and overlay.  If you plan to either view or save the documents as PDF you need to run either AFPSubstitute to prepare fonts.ini so Vault will know which Windows font to display for the AFP original font.  The same applies for MetaSubstitute.

To determine what resources are used by an AFP or Metacode document\overlay, you can use one of the many Vault utilities.

AFPExtract and MetaExtract will extract the resources from any AFP or Metacode input file so you can prepare your resource sets ahead of time.

AFPDecode will decode the AFP and among the information it provides will be the fonts and images used by the document

MetaResource will provide information about which fonts are referenced by overlays.
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Product Feature: Administration