Resolve situation where MailStream Plus has no error after MSST00A started and ends unsuccessfully

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


Testing new MSP™, all platforms, all versions
8.3.0 release on Windows
Job ends with no error. I am implementing the new MSP 8.3.0 release and receiving a MSDR00 ended unsuccessfully. This is reported in the LOG file without any description of why it is unsuccessful. Attached are the XLG, RPT and LOG but unless I’m missing something I cannot find what the error is?
05/20/2015  10:38:13            MSDR01     I MSRFMC Ver. -  R08.3M00
05/20/2015  10:38:13            MSST00A    I MSST00A started. Comp 05012015 at 150013. Gen 05012015 at 155915. R08.3M00 F04



The job is ending right when it should find your input file.
The log shows this as the input file –


But it is not listed at the top as a file.

05/20/2015 10:22 AM 0 TEST.256
05/20/2015 10:38 AM 0 TEST.LOG
05/20/2015 10:13 AM 6,735 TEST.PRM
05/20/2015 10:22 AM TEST.RPT
05/20/2015 10:22 AM TEST.RPT.RTF
05/20/2015 10:22 AM 0 TEST.RSM
05/20/2015 10:22 AM 0 TEST.TRA
05/20/2015 10:22 AM 6,305 TEST.XLG



UPDATED: March 13, 2019
The input file DD MSSTIN file is missing.
Make sure the input file is present and then the job will run.
:: Name and Address File

Or for any platform the DD MSSTIN file needs to be present for MailStream Plus to run.