Resolve a Merge Failure Resulting in Unmapped Features in Confirm

Product Feature: Asset Register



When Merging features from the Map or the Feature screen it results in the new feature being unmapped. For example a user merges linear items, say from the feature form, and the database (record) merge works ok but the spatial information is not merged.

In the same scenario for Confirm Database Map layers the feature is not mapped at all, whereas if using an External map layer the digitisation is created but the Central Asset ID is not set on the new map feature and so the Confirm Feature is effectively not mapped.


This is a known issue which may be experienced prior to version 15.1.


UPDATED: October 6, 2017
This issue is fixed in version 15.10.

Here is a workaround but please be aware that this will only resolve the issue for assets with unique IDs :

- Go to Feature Lookups / Feature System Settings screen
- Tick the second setting 'Unique Feature Ids'
- Close Confirm
- Log back in and try merge again

Please see the attached screenshot.

Customers are likely to have other types of assets which don't have unique IDs, so the above procedure will not cure the problem across the board.