Resolve - Exponare State server TCP IP timeout


This is running state server as a process on the same machine under the ASP.NET State Server Service not SQL Server. The session state time out settings in the web.config file set at 90 minutes.

<sessionState cookieless="UseCookies" mode="StateServer" sqlConnectionString="" stateConnectionString="tcpip=" timeout="90" />


This error apparently is an issue internally in the server while communicating with the state server not from the client.


UPDATED: April 18, 2017

To modify the TCP/IP operation time-out value for the ASP.NET Web server process, change the following attribute in the Machine.config file (or specify the following attribute in the Web.config file for any Web application).
To modify the TCP/IP operation time-out value for the state server, follow these steps: 1.Stop the ASP.NET state server service.
2.Click Start, click Run, type Regedt32.exe, and then click OK to start Registry Editor.
3.Locate the following key in the registry:


4.Add a DWORD value that is named SocketTimeout. Set a positive integer to represent the new TCP/IP timeout in seconds.
5.Quit Registry Editor.
6.Restart the ASP.NET state server service
Users who experience the problems that are mentioned in the "Symptoms" section should use these methods to increase the time-out values on the state server and on all Web servers to 20 seconds.

Note If the state server is not running when you increase the time-out values on the Web server, a client request times out after n seconds, where n equals a new timeout value, instead of the default 10 seconds.

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