Portrait Dialogue. "Branch def not found" error when running a report on an operation in Execute mode after an upgrade to version 6.0 SP1


In Portrait Dialogue version 6.0 SP1 when right clicking on an operation in Execute mode and hoovering over Reports no options are shown up as they normally do - like in the image below.

User-added image

When trying to click on Reports instead, an error message with Branch def not found (ParamName = mh_max_bundle_size) is shown.

User-added image


The problem happens as a result of some obsolete branch parameters (removed from a plug-in, but still having a value in the DLG_OPR_PARAM database table) that raise exceptions when populating the dynamic report menu in a dialog's execute view.


UPDATED: March 30, 2017
This is fixed in Portrait Dialogue 6.1 with SP1.