Resolve issue where jobs do not show up after a new install of MailStream Plus (MSP) software on IBMi

Operating System: IBMI/iSeries


User installed the new MailStream Plus 8.3.0 software.
Now when entering the Work with Jobs screens for MailStream Plus, there are no jobs.


A new version of MailStream Plus was released
User followed the instructions in the
in Chapter 1 -  Installing a Product Update

This replaced/overwrote all programs in the G1MSPGMS library including the job history file.
None of their jobs show up and the screens still show MSP version 8.2.1


UPDATED: August 7, 2017
First retrieve the job history file from a backup of the job history file 'UPCPJB' and replace this in the G1MSPGMS before the MSP 8.3.0 software is fully installed so the forwarding program will remove or change any removed or changed parameters for the new release.  Verify that the jobs are now there.

In Chapter 1, follow the instructions for :
Installing from Internet Download
These are the correct instructions to follow for a new version of the software.
This will update the G1@@PGMS library to update the version number to show in the product screens
This will also update the software programs and not overwrite the job history file that controls all of the jobs create
File name UPCPJB.
***Note –
Installing a Product Update  - these instructions are only to be used to install a software update/patch to replaced changed programs like the MSP 8.3.0 S01 update that replaced only the MSPSPS00 and MSPSWD00 programs.