Resolve NSG Importing Issue where no feature is created on import in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works



Confirm - NSG Importing Issue - No feature created on import

We seem to have stumbled across an issue within Confirm that may have been present for about a year.

Since the last NSG update was imported into Confirm, we have around 7,000 site records that haven’t had a feature created on import.

The site exists in the in street register street lookup but not as a feature. 


The issue here is that one street has features associated with it and one feature does not have any features associated with it. 


UPDATED: October 6, 2017

Street which has Features associated - THE CRESCENT (12345678) 
Street which does not have Features associated - THE ROAD (23456789) 

In the files, there are no records related to features for both the streets. If we look at the first CSV file then we have records of Interests, Designations and Reinstatements. 

In the second CSV file we have records of Streets, Site-to-ESU Cross References and Street Descriptors. As we can see that there are no records for Features. 

We also looked at the Help file and can see that we do not import Features from NSG Import Utility. This issue is not related to the NSG Import utility because we are not importing Features. 

Now we need to find out from you if you imported the feature from the import data utility and it was not imported successfully. 


Street has the features associated before the import of NSG data but after the import, features were not there for some of the sites.