Resolve issue where Contractor User is Unable to Edit/Modify Data Source(s) in Confirm

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting


A user account in Confirm has been created. The user was given access to the Reporting section. Specifically they were given the necessary permission to modify Data Sources. The user account, however, had an Action Officer which was assigned to a contract.

The user went in and when they clicked on “Data Sources” and “SQL” it was fully greyed-out as was, for example, the Notes field. They were not able to write any new SQL queries or amend the existing queries. Please refer to the screen shots attached.


Contractors cannot edit/modify Data Sources for security reasons, and logic has been intentionally programmed into the Confirm system to prevent this from happening.

Even if the User Security settings for the user in question are set to allow Data Source modification, they will still be unable to do so from the instant that their Action Officer record is linked with a contract (and this can be checked by performing a Contractor Lookup from the Contractor screen, then observing from the Officer tab which officers are assigned to the contract).


UPDATED: October 6, 2017
Contractors cannot edit/modify Data Sources for security reasons.