Resolve issue where Mapping becomes unavailable and Confirm crashes

Product Feature: Mapping Issue

Configuration: AM and onDemand


The Confirm Mapping becomes unavailable, in that when clicking on maps in a particular Confirm environment, for example Production, no maps load – just a blank white window appears instead - and the application then freezes completely. Task Manager is then required to terminate the instance of Confirm that has crashed. This could well affect a number of users.


The TAB files that make up the layer being invoked and being called by the mapping functionality are being locked by some other utility or application, external to Confirm, at the same time as Confirm is attempting to access them. The contention on the files is such that the Confirm application then freezes, as described above. By navigating, for example using Windows Explorer, to the location of the TAB files you will be able to see from the 'modified date/time' when the third-party lock was probably obtained.


UPDATED: June 28, 2017
Even though locked, as a safeguard we strongly recommend firstly backing up the TAB files in question. You will then need to restore these TAB files from either

a) A safe copy.
b) Those stored for use by an alternative environment, for example Test.