Resolve error "Pallet level invalid for Mail Class and/or Type" in MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


MailStream Plus™ gives error "Pallet level invalid for Mail Class and/or Type".


This error means a pallet level was manually turned on using the PL LVL parameter, and that level is invalid for the Mail Class and/or Mail Type of the mailing being done.


UPDATED: March 13, 2019
Only certain levels of pallets can be made per USPS regulations, depending on the Class and type of mailing.  And certain levels of pallets may be required, and some levels may be optional.  MailStream Plus always creates all of the required levels (when appropriate), and in some cases the optional levels.

The PL LVL parameter can be used to turn on additional optional levels when the mailer chooses to (and they are allowed by the regulations.)  
Or, optional levels that are on by default may be turned off.
A list of the levels that are on by default can be found in the MailStream Plus Guide for the version of MSP being used, in the PL LVL parameter's text.  The Guide can be found on here-

The PL LVL parameter position 8-10 is used to indicate what pallet level is being adjusted by the mailer.  The error being discussed indicates that a pallet level is being attempted to be manually turned on, but is not valid for the mailing being done.
Also, it is *not* recommended to leave position 8-10 blank when turning on or off pallet levels, because a blank value tells MSP to turn on or off *all* pallet levels, which can lead to the error this article is about, and/or invalid mailings.
When one or more PL LVL parameters(s) are being used, position 8-10 should be used on each PL LVL to indicate the specific pallet level being affected.